SCAM ALERT: "Secret Sister" gift exchange is illegal

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Once again this holiday season, posts are being shared on social media about a massive gift exchange.

While it may seem like a great way to spread some holiday cheer, the Better Business Bureau says it's a scam.

It's called the "Secret Sister" gift exchange. It promises you up to 36 gifts, for only $10 of your money.

How it works:

You'll see a post on your Facebook page or other social media account, asking you to participate in a "Secret Sister" gift exchange. You'll be told to add your name and address to a list and invite six friends to participate, as well. You and your participating friends will then be asked to buy a $10 gift and send it to "secret sister #1." The process repeats for "secret sister #2" and so on. By the end of it, you could end up receiving 36 gifts in the mail.

The only thing is, you're not sending this to your friend or your cousin. It could be complete strangers, who now know your address.

Besides putting your privacy at risk, it's illegal.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service says gift exchanges like these are pyramid schemes. It's considered gambling because you're paying to get money back, which means you could face legal penalties.

If you see something like this posted on your Newsfeed, report it to Facebook or whichever social media platform you are using.

Inform your friends about the scam and the legality of it, as well. They can then report it to the BBB scam tracker.