SCAM ALERT: No, scammers did not hack your webcam

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A blackmail e-mail scheme could make its way to your inbox.

Authorities say scammers are falsely claiming to have video footage of you that they’ll leak to all of your contacts unless you pay up.

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office says the scam is circulating throughout the area.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll receive an e-mail that references your current or previous password in the subject line. Analysts believe it was stolen from a previous data breach.

The scammer claims they used that password to hack your computer and record video of you through your webcam. Often times, they’ll say they have footage of you viewing pornographic websites.

The scammer threatens to expose you by sending the clip to all of your contacts, unless you pay them thousands of dollars via Bitcoin. Newsweek says scammers have made $125,000 off of this scam to date.

Experts say anyone who receives this e-mail should change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication on all accounts that offer the feature.

They also suggest that you turn off or cover any web cameras and microphones when you're not using them.

You can use the online service, HaveIBeenPwned​ to freely check if any of your e-mail accounts have been stolen by hackers.

Anyone who has received one of these e-mails should report it to their local authorities and the FBI.