SCAM ALERT: Facebook Marketplace hoax hits Pitt County

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PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - If you're looking to buy or sell items online, you could be one click away from getting scammed.

Pitt County deputies say scammers are targeting Facebook Marketplace users by listing fake items in hopes of stealing your money.

In one particular case, the scammer claims she is in the military and recently lost her husband. The idea is to get your attention, hit you with a sad story to gain your sympathy and trust and then rob you of your money.

When you purchase an item and send over a payment, the scammer will disappear. The account will be deleted, so there's no way to contact them. You're then left with no delivery, less money and limited ways to report it.

Before you buy anything online, the Better Business Bureau says to look at the seller's profile. Note how long an account has been up. If it was created a few days ago, that's a red flag.

Also keep in mind, Facebook Marketplace is for local sellers, so they should be able to meet in person, which will allow you to check out the item and ensure that you get what you paid for.

If you do meet a seller in person, remember to always meet at an Internet Exchange Zone. You can find out where those are by contacting your local authorities.