SCAM ALERT: Watch out for free Delta ticket scam online

You may have seen a link surfacing across your Facebook news feed promising two free tickets for Delta Air Lines flights.

The link claims that if you fill out a quick survey, share the link to your Facebook page with the hashtag "Thanks Delta Air Lines," and like the page, you will get two free tickets in honor the airline's 33rd anniversary.

First red flag-- the airline has been around since 1924, so it's long past that milestone.

If you didn't pick up on that and still managed to click the link, it will take you to a website that has no connection to Delta Air Lines official website.

You will then be asked to fill-out a quick survey, asking if you've ever traveled outside of the U.S. before, why you prefer Delta Air Lines and if you are satisfied with the service.

After you fill out the survey, you will be asked to share the link and like the page, but you never get the free tickets.

When you come across this problem and want to contact the server, there is no way to actually do so.

There is a contact button on the top of the fake website, but it's not an actual link, which is a common way scammers can trick people.

If you did share the link, make sure to delete the post from your page and unlike it immediately to prevent others from being tricked into this scam too.

Every time you share a fake link or like a fake page, scammers can profit off of it and collect data.

When airlines do have sweepstakes, on rare occasion, only trust the legitimacy if it comes from the official website or Facebook page that is verified with a blue badge next to the name.

Most sweepstakes will have official "terms and conditions" listed on the link.

Be sure to never submit personal information online before confirming the legitimacy of the sweepstakes with the company or business hosting it.