SCAM ALERT: Death threat e-mail hoax circulating in ENC

DUPLIN COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Duplin County sheriff's deputies are warning about a disturbing death threat e-mail that's flooding inboxes.

Deputies say residents have received an e-mail claiming to be from a hitman hired to kill them. The e-mail goes on to explain that the only way to avoid death is by paying thousands of dollars in Bitcoin. Bitcoin ​is a form of digital currency that doesn't pass through any central, controlled banking system.

The sender will continue to flood your inbox with threats, claiming that they'll tell you who ordered for your death after you pay, warning you not to tell the police and reiterating the fact that they're serious about following through with this.

These e-mail death threats are reportedly circulating across the country, with the FBI leading an investigation, claiming that it's a new spin on extortion.

Investigators say the e-mails are so carefully crafted that it's easy for anyone to be lured in.

If you receive an e-mail threat, do not reply or send money. Instead, report it to your local authorities and the FBI.