SCAM ALERT: "Confirm Your Account" e-mail targets Amazon users

A convincing e-mail scam targeting Amazon customers is surfacing, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

The Better Business Bureau says users of the online retail giant have received an e-mail bearing Amazon's logo, stating that their Amazon account can no longer be accessed.

The subject line reads, "We could not confirm the address associated with your Amazon account.” The e-mail goes on to say that the account has been disabled. To re-access your account, you must click on the provided link.

While the e-mail looks official, the link doesn't lead to Amazon's website. Instead, users will be redirected to a site run by scammers who are trying to steal your name, address and credit card information.

Amazon says they will never contact users asking for personal information. The BBB adds that online shoppers should never share their personal information online with someone who has contacted you unsolicited.

If you are asked to update your payment information, always double check. Amazon says users can go to "Manage Payment Options" under the "Your Account" tab on Amazon's website to confirm.

If you've received one of these e-mails, report it to Amazon here.