SCAM ALERT: Avoiding social media advertisement scams

Published: Sep. 30, 2019 at 6:22 AM EDT
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Certain advertisements, especially on social media, can be creepy yet convincing.

They can be creepy because sometimes they are for products you were looking up just minutes before. They can be convincing, but that has the potential to lead to a scam or just a gimmick for your hard-earned money.

There are reports out there that some products don't get delivered if you order it online through an ad you see on social media.

You've probably been there. You've scrolled through Facebook and saw certain advertisements. Sometimes these proceeds go to charity to rescue animals or to help children, but there are times when you buy things and they never get delivered. You may call the company or e-mail them, only to never get a response or an answer. In the end, you find out it was just a scam.

The Better Business Bureau is offering tips to think twice before buying from these ads. First, do your research. Check for the business. Do they have a website? Is it legitimate? Is there contact information listed?

Are there any past complaints? Are the reviews positive or negative for the product or the company?

Use good judgment. Practice self-verification, meaning look it up yourself versus just clicking on the ad.