Roads remain treacherous in Eastern North Carolina

(WITN) - Road conditions remain dangerous in parts of Onslow County, one of the first communities in eastern North Carolina to be hit with snowfall.

The city of Jacksonville posted on their Facebook page about a wreck in Jacksonville Friday evening where a vehicle laid on its side.

Jacksonville police were called out to the accident at 5:21 p.m. off the Jacksonville Bypass near mile marker 106.

JPD Capt. Ronnie Dorn says the driver was cited for exceeding a safe speed for current conditions and no injuries were reported.

The city is warning drivers, "Please note that roads will continue to deteriorate as the temperature drops."

Dorn says JPD has responded to numerous accidents since the storm came into the area Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day, Onslow Emergency Management told WITN secondary roads in Onslow County, such as Catherine Lake and Rhodestown Road, continued to be covered with snow and ice.

They are reminding travelers that while some portions of highways may seem clear, such as Highway 24, there are still patches of ice that can be dangerous and will cause your vehicle to slide off the roadway.

Over in New Bern, streets that were cleared Thursday are once again seeing layers of ice due to the below-freezing temperatures.

City officials say they have crews out treating the smaller roads and secondary roads, but many areas are still very hazardous with icy spots and packed snow.

Officials say crews will continue to de-ice the roads as much as possible but are asking drivers to stay off the roads or use extreme caution.