Road rage on the rise

NBC News Channel
NBC News Channel(WITN)
Published: Jul. 15, 2016 at 9:04 AM EDT
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There are more angry and aggressive drivers out there than you may think... Just look in the mirror.

Although most displays of road rage don’t go far, a AAA study found nearly 80% of us admit to getting very angry at other drivers.

“People admitting they were yelling at other cars, that they were tailgating, that they either cut off cars or prevented cars from merging onto their lanes,” Jurek Grabowski of AAA says.

Law enforcement deals with incidents daily, some of which turn violent.

Outside Tulsa, a driver of a pickup got so frustrated by a slower car in front of him that he rammed it off the road, fortunately only causing minor injuries.

The pickup driver was arrested and charged with felony assault.

Male drivers are three times more likely than women to be aggressive and drivers in the congested northeast are more likely to yell, honk, or gesture than drivers in other parts of the country.

Safety experts advise having patience, and avoiding aggressors by ignoring them and getting out of their way.

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