Neuse River cresting Saturday morning; Latest river levels

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Major river flooding in the WITN viewing area is happening in Greene, Lenoir, Duplin, Jones and northwestern Craven counties. Wayne County is seeing the Neuse slowly fall. Sampson and Pender Counties are dealing with major flooding as well.

The Ocean and surge flooding is no longer happening for Beaufort, Pamlico, Carteret, Onslow, and Craven Counties.

All significant flooding is now caused by creek and river Flooding, so basically inland from highway 17.

Please note that river flooding is caused by rainfall upstream and not what has fallen over the place where the flooding is happening. In other words, rain over Kinston doesn't cause the Neuse to flood IN Kinston, however rain in Raleigh, Smithfield, and Goldsboro will come down to Kinston in the Neuse.

The Tar, Roanoke, and Cashie Rivers are running high, but will NOT flood.

CONTENTNEA CREEK - drains from Wilson County and Greene County.

This Creek starts near Lucama in western Wilson County and flows to Wilson into and across central Greene County through Snow Hill to Hookerton to Grifton where it joins the Neuse a few miles after Grifton. (This joins downstream from Kinston)

Major flooding is now happening along Contentnea Creek in Greene County, but a slow fall is expected in Hookerton soon. Hookerton level will remain in major flood stage through Friday before dropping faster over the weekend.

NEUSE RIVER - drains from Raleigh to Smithfield to Goldsboro to Kinston to to Fort Barnwell to New Bern.

Major flooding is happening in Goldsboro, but the river has crested and slowly falling. The river crest was about 3 feet shy of record levels.

Major flooding is now happening in Kinston and will continue rising into the weekend with a crest (the highest level) expected around Saturday. Current forecast remains about 3 feet below record levels, but this forecast will continue to be evaluated. River flood forecasts tend to change more often than other types of forecasts. The river is forecast to reach between 25.5 and 26 feet Saturday morning which about a foot and a half above midday Thursday levels.

NORTHEAST CAPE FEAR RIVER - drains all of Duplin County. River runs north to south from near Albertson to Chinquapin southward into Pender County at Burgaw.

Record breaking flooding is now happening in Duplin County. The level at Chinquapin is slowly falling, but reached well over record levels for the last few days. This river is expected to remain in major flood stage for another day or two before dropping to moderate levels over the weekend.

TRENT RIVER - drains southern Lenoir and all of Jones County - river runs from just north of Pink Hill eastward into Jones County through Trenton to Pollocksville.

Record setting river levels were reached in Trenton at 29.25 feet. It has dropped several feet from the crest and will continue falling through the weekend. ​

SWIFT CREEK - drains from southern Pitt through northwestern Craven

Entered major flood stage last Friday morning. The creek has crested at Streets Ferry near Vanceboro and will continue a slow fall.

NEW RIVER - drains northwestern Onslow from Richlands to Jacksonville.

Major flooding happened at Gum Branch, but the river has fallen to minor flood stage and continues to fall.

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Last updated Friday morning (9/21)

Tar River @ Greenville
Current Level: 12.21 Slowly rising
Current Stage: Below Minor
Minor Stage: 13.0
Moderate Stage: 17.0
Major Stage: 19.0
Expected Crest: 12.2 Ft. Saturday

Trent River @ Trenton
Current Level: 21.82 Falling
Current Stage: Major
Minor Stage: 13.0
Moderate Stage: 19.0
Major Stage: N/A
Crested: 29.30 ft. on Monday morning
Old Record Crest: 28.42 ft. 1999-Hurricane Floyd

Trent River @ Pollocksville
Current Level: 13.9ft
Current Stage: Major
Minor Stage: 4.0
Moderate Stage: 7.0
Major Stage: 11.0
Forecast: River crested around 16.0 feet on Tuesday
Record Crest: 16.29 Ft. 1999-Hurricane Floyd

Neuse River @ Kinston
Current Level: 25.76 - Rising
Current Stage: Major
Minor Stage: 14.0
Moderate Stage: 18.0
Major Stage: 21.0
Forecast Crest: 26.0 ft. Saturday morning
Record Crest: 28.3 Ft. 2016-Hurricane Matthew

Neuse River @ Goldsboro
Current Level: 25.16 and slowly falling
Current Stage: Major
Minor Stage: 18.0
Moderate Stage: 20.0
Major Stage: 24.0
Expected Crest: Crested Tuesday afternoon at 27.60 ft.
Record Crest: 29.74 2016-Hurricane Matthew

Neuse River @ Fort Barnwell
Current Level: 17.74 and slowly rising
Current Stage: Moderate
Minor Stage: 13.0
Moderate Stage: 16.0
Major Stage: 18.0
Expected Crest: N/A..holding around 17-18 ft. Thurs.-Friday
Record Crest: 22.75 Ft. 1999-Hurricane Floyd

Chicod Creek @ Simpson
Current Level: 8.53 and falling
Current Stage: below flood stage
Minor Stage: 11.5
Moderate Stage: 14.0
Major Stage: 16.0
Forecast: Continuing to fall

Pungo River @ Belhaven
Current Level: 2.19
Current Stage: Minor
Minor Stage: 2.0
Moderate Stage: 3.0
Major Stage: 4.0
Crested at 6.67 Ft. on Friday.

Contentnea Creek @ Hookerton
Current Level: 17.94 and falling
Current Stage: Moderate
Minor Stage: 13.0
Moderate Stage: 16.0
Major Stage: 18.0
Crest: 18.90 Thursday morning

Swift Creek @ Streets Ferry
Current Level: 7.34 and slowly falling
Current Stage: Major
Minor Stage: 4.0
Moderate Stage: 5.5
Major Stage: 8.0
Forecast: Holding at 8-9 Ft. into the weekend
Record Crest: 12.28 ft. 1999-Hurricane Floyd

New River @ Gum Branch
Current Level: 9.81 ft
Current Stage: below flood stage
Minor Stage: 14.0
Moderate Stage: 17.0
Major Stage: 23.0
Crest: Occurred Monday-Level unknown
Record Crest: 25.12 1999-Hurricane Floyd

NE Cape Fear @ Chinquapin
Current Level: 24.75
Current Stage: Major
Minor Stage: 13.0
Moderate Stage: 15.0
Major Stage: 16.0
Crest: Occurred Sunday-Monday, level unknown
Record Crest: 23.51 1999-Hurricane Floyd