Restaurants take advantage of early alcohol sales

Published: Jul. 9, 2017 at 3:56 PM EDT
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Sunday marked the first day several North Carolina localities could begin serving alcohol at 10am.

Atlantic Beach passed legislation allowing the sales on Thursday, following the law signed into effect by Governor Roy Cooper to support local tourist-based economies.

At the Tackle Box Tavern, all of the bar stools were full of people enjoying beer, bloody mary's and mimosas on what some are calling a historic day for the town.

Tavern owner, Richard Porter, said "there are two of us bartending... making bloody marys as fast as we can go, so if that is any indication about sales we are doing alright."

One customer told WITN's Kate Capodanno, "it's an absolute win-win situation for everybody. The businesses... the tax structure, the town... the people. I mean look at all the people!"

Another said, "it's really exciting, I can't believe the crowd that is out here already, like I said before, it's something!"

While the owners of the Tackle Box say they aren't yet sure how the extra time will effect their bottom line, they are sure they'll be opening those two hours early for weeks to come.