Residents relieved after Greenville Police charge woman for arson fire at housing complex

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Residents are relieved after Greenville Police arrest a woman in connection with the fire at Lakeview Townhomes in Greenville on June 27.

Sierra Foreman was arrested for first-degree arson, breaking and entering, and felony fraudulently burning dwelling following a fire at Lakeview townhomes. Investigators say foreman was also a resident of Lakeview and she recently received an eviction notice.

Resident Tasha Keisha Brown's daughter's room was ruined due to the fire. Brown and her family have been displaced ever since. Brown says Foreman's decision seriously affected the families involved in the fire.

"I'm relieved that the person has been caught," Brown said, "It makes our neighborhood a little safer."

Brown says she didn't know Foreman very well but saw her from time to time. Brown feels as though Foreman could have handled the situation differently.

'I felt she could have gone about it another way. She could have dealt with temporary feelings in a very different way, but with temporary feelings, she made a permanent decision," Brown said.

Other residents at Lakeview, such as Cora Goodman, agree that there were other courses of action for Foreman instead of setting a fire.

Goodman said, "The person could have moved and found another location instead of trying to destroy the property that was once her home."

For now, Brown says she is working with her insurance company to assess the damage.

"Just picking up the pieces and moving on," Brown said.

Despite everything, Brown has this to say to the neighbor who displaced her family. "I forgive her, but I want her to receive help while she's away. And I just pray that this doesn't happen to anybody else," said Brown.


Police say that a woman who had been recently evicted from a townhome is responsible for setting it on fire.

Greenville Police arrested and charged Sierra Foreman with 1st degree arson, breaking and entering, and felony fraudulently burning dwelling.

Investigators say that she's responsible for the fire that heavily damaged townhomes on Spring Forest Road on June 28th.

Police say they were already investigating a suspicious fire call from June 27th when they got the call for the second fire at the same location.

Investigators say they discovered that Foreman had been a resident of townhome J6 and had recently received an eviction notice and was ordered to vacate the property.

Foreman is being held under a $75,000 bond.

Four families were displaced by the fire.

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Greenville Police are still investigating a fire at Lakeview Townhomes on Spring Forest Road in Greenville on June 28 around 11 a.m.

Tasha Brown says her heart dropped when she came home and looked at the state of her unit.

Brown’s daughter lost her entire room due to damage from a fire that they believe started from a neighbor’s unit.

“Honestly, my daughter’s room is ashes—if that explains it. I have a lot of water damage, a lot of, of course, a lot of smoke damage from on the wall.’s bad,” said Brown.

Greenville Police Public Information Officer Kristen Hunter says the investigation has been turned over to the Greenville Police. There are no updates to the investigation at this time.

Cora Goodman has been living at the complex for nearly seven years. She said that since the fire, she’s had some concerns.

“It really make you think because all the units are connected together. And if it happened there, it could happen here,” Goodman said.

​Though Goodman was home when the fire happened, she says she didn’t hear any sirens to alert her. She heard the aftermath from her neighbors.

Goodman said, “I was ready to go to work. And my neighbor said to me that I wouldn’t be able to go the normal way that I do because there’s a fire. And was saying, ‘fire?’”

Goodman offers these words of encouragement to her neighbor.

“We fall down, but we will get up. And they’ll get up again.”

As for Brown’s family, Brown says they’re going to be just fine.

“You know, my family and I are displaced, but by the grace of God, we’re gonna be OK,” Brown said.

Greenville Fire Rescue says it is unclear at this time how many units and residents have been impacted by the fire.

No injuries have been reported from Friday’s blaze.