COOPER: Bills limiting powers "unprecedented", promises court fight

Published: Dec. 15, 2016 at 9:38 AM EST
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Attorney General Roy Cooper says he's ready to fight Republican legislation moving through the General Assembly's special session that would hobble the Democrat when he becomes governor in a few weeks.

Cooper said Thursday he'll sue lawmakers if he thinks laws they're passing are unconstitutional or hurt working people.

Cooper lashed out against proposed legislation aimed at preventing him from shaving away at recent GOP initiatives. Cooper says while Republican lawmakers aim to cripple his powers, the effect is to protect programs that transfer taxpayer money to private schools, allow increased pollution of air and water, and cut taxes for big corporations instead of the middle class.

Cooper promised he'd fight the proposed legislation that he called "unprecedented.

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Republicans at the General Assembly appear ready to undermine North Carolina Gov.-elect Roy Cooper's powers before he takes office next month.

GOP lawmakers participating in a special session scheduled committee meetings Thursday to consider bills that would reshape parts of state government and Cooper's relations with the legislature.

One measure would require Cooper's Cabinet choices to get Senate confirmation and scale back dramatically the number of at-will political appointees Cooper can hire. Another measure would merge the State Board of Elections and State Ethics Commission.

Democrats are furious about the goals of the second special session this week, calling it a power grab after the voters picked Cooper over Republican Gov. Pat McCrory last month. A special session that closed Wednesday located $200 million for hurricane and wildfire relief.