Repairs being made to historic New Bern building

NEW BERN, NC (WITN) A historic school building here in the east is receiving a much needed facelift that will not only improve the way the building looks but will also make sure it's structurally sound.

The New Bern Academy building has played a huge role in New Bern's history and in NC's history and it's been standing in the same spot for more than 200 years.

It was originally built in 1776 and was the first incorporated school in the state. After the original structure burned down it was rebuilt in 1810. It was a school that housed both boys and girls and served as a Civil War hospital and was then again used as a school in 1899 until 1971.

With all of that history, Tryon Palace, which owns the building and keeps up with the museum inside, has been working to restore the outside with the help of a non-profit called Historicorps.

Regina Ochoa with Tryon Palace says, "Maintaining these buildings is a huge task and it's an essential task, they've stood for 200 plus years all of them because of the hard work people have put in over the centuries to keep them alive and now it's our turn to carry that burden."

Historicorps is working to repair all of the bricks and mortar joints. The company is a non-profit that specializes in restoring historical sites.

The work began this past Monday and is expected to finish around May 3rd.

The museum inside of the New Bern Academy is still open while work is going on. Visitors can stop by the school for free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.