Rash of parts stolen from Greenville vehicles

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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - There's been a rash of stolen parts from vehicles in the east that could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace.

In the past month, there have been about seven cases of catalytic converters being cut out from under vehicles in Greenville.

Detectives say the thieves are targeting church vehicles and student housing areas.

It happened to a van at the Mount Calvary Church.

At Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church, three of their vans' catalytic converters, including one for the child care center, were stolen back in November.

With an easy accessibility to the converters, police say this has been a difficult crime to develop suspects.

"It is a crime of opportunity, and the tricky thing for our investigators is that many of these thefts of these, the catalytic converters, haven't been caught for several days later, so it's been tough for us to pinpoint a time period when the thefts have occurred," explains Kristen Hunter, the Greenville Police Department PIO.

Police say if you see anyone that appears to be working on a vehicle at odds times of the night and it appears to be suspicious, to please give them a call.