Rabid feral cat bites Onslow County man

ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Authorities say a rabid feral cat has bitten a man in one Eastern Carolina county.

Onslow County Animal Services said earlier this week, a homeowner in the Nelson Drive area was feeding a colony of feral cats when he was attacked and bitten on the leg.

The cat was captured and euthanized because of its neurological symptoms. The state has since confirmed it had rabies.

The man was told to seek treatment for the disease.

"Rabies is a deadly disease; people who have handled, been bitten, or scratched by a possibly rabid animal should see a doctor," said Angela Lee, Onslow County Health Department Director. "If a person is infected, it is imperative to seek immediate treatment. We also urge people to let the Health Department, Animal Services, the hospital, or their doctor know if they have had contact with a potentially rabid animal."

Animal control officers say people should use caution whenever approaching feral cats, and keep a safe distance from any unknown wild animal, especially if they are showing aggressive or unusual behavior.