Protecting plants from the freeze across the east

KINSTON, NC (WITN) A freeze warning Friday night into Saturday is in effect for most of eastern Carolina and that means any outdoor plants will be vulnerable to the freezing conditions.

Big Blue Home Improvement store in Kinston says outdoor potted plants or flowers should be brought inside by early Friday evening to protect them from the frost.

Garden experts say for plants or shrubs that can't be moved indoors, make sure you water their soil thoroughly. They say warm soil retains warmth better than dry soil.

In addition, covering outdoor plants with a breathable material can provide some protection.

Keith Barrow, Assistant Manager at Big Blue says, "If you can't bring them inside, they're too big, you need to get you a tarp or burlap sheet, bed sheet, and lay over top of them. It'll keep the frost and stuff off them."

Barrow says make sure you remove the tarp or sheet the next day once the sun comes up so the plant doesn't receive too much heat.