Players of the Week: Morgan and Carmen Odum

Morgan (14, Left) and Carmen (13, Right) -- Photo: Tyler Feldman, WITN
Morgan (14, Left) and Carmen (13, Right) -- Photo: Tyler Feldman, WITN(WITN)
Published: Jul. 16, 2019 at 6:01 PM EDT
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Junior Mini Cup drivers and sisters Morgan (14) and Carmen (13) Odum are our newest WITN Pepsi Players of the Week!

Since September of 2015, Carteret County Speedway has featured some of the area's best up-and-coming racecar drivers.

For the last three years, the two sisters from Jacksonville have been turning heads and taking the local racing circuit by storm.

"My favorite part about racing with Carmen is being able to treat her how I'm going to treat the other drivers and being able to race her as race as I'm going to race everybody else," Morgan said.

The duo first fell in love with the sport after watching their dad, Jimmy Odum Junior, race mini stock cars.

"I begged and begged and begged until [my parents] finally got me one," said Carmen with a smile. "Then [Morgan] had to copy me because 'Let's do what younger sister Carmen does!"

That banter is pretty typical between teenage sisters who are just one year apart.

"We don't take it easy on one another," said Morgan. "We go as hard as we can."

"I'm happy if she wins, but who doesn't want to win?" added Carmen. "I don't like being second because you're the first loser."

Speaking of winning, last year younger sister Carmen became the first-ever female to be crowned Junior Mini Cup champion.

"It shows that not just men can win championships. Women can, too," Carmen said.

Meanwhile, older sister Morgan was voted as the most popular driver by the fans.

"Being a female driver, you have a lot of people looking up to you," Morgan added.

They've both won multiple times at Carteret County Speedway and they take pride in being young, successful female drivers in a male-dominated sport.

"It's good to know that a lot of younger girls are looking up to you and starting to race because of you," Morgan said.

"It's amazing to have fans and little kids looking up to you, especially as a female driver," added Carmen. "Women are in the future of racing more than what they are now."

The two sisters say they aspire to reach NASCAR one day.

But until then, they are simply 'The Odum Sisters' driving side-by-side, altering history one turn at a time.

For more on the Odum sisters, check out the video above! (Feature airs Tuesday during WITN Sports at 6:20 p.m.)
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