Player of the Week: Macey Robinette

Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 10:53 PM EST
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Oakwood senior volleyball, basketball and soccer standout Macey Robinette is our newest WITN Pepsi Player of the Week!

For 13 years now, one three-sport athlete has graced the halls at The Oakwood School in Greenville.

Her name is Macey Robinette, and she's been an Eagle since kindergarten. Now a senior, she's making the most of her final year.

How can you best remember 13 years in just two minutes?

"I just love this school and everything about it, and I think being in three sports have helped me connect with other students a lot," Robinette said at practice Monday.

"Her dedication in the classroom rolls completely over into the fields and the courts," added head coach Kris Arnold. "She's an amazing volleyball player, exceptional athlete on the basketball court and then absolutely dominates in soccer."

That dedication has paid off for Robinette.

She currently leads the state with nearly 11 steals per game, while also averaging eight points and seven rebounds.

"[Getting steals] is mostly about anticipation and seeing the court," explained Robinette. "Through my other sports, playing so many different sports, I've gained an awareness on the court and the field that's helped me to anticipate the ball and where it's going to be passed."

"As nice as Macey is outside of the court, she is fearless inside the lines," said Arnold. "She just sees the entire court."

Now she sees the future, but she will always remember her time at Oakwood.

"I think just the people and all my teammates and all my coaches are really amazing and being able to play three sports during high school has been a really great opportunity," Robinette added.

"I don't know if she's missed a practice in three or four years," said Arnold. "So she is always willing to go, always motivating her team, and the amount of passion that she puts into every game just bleeds into all of our players."

Robinette recently got into her dream school, UNC-Chapel Hill, but said she has yet to make a final college decision.

Robinette and the Eagles battle the Epiphany Falcons tonight.

For more on Robinette, check out the video above! (Feature airs Tuesday during WITN Sports at 6:20 p.m.)
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