Player of the Week: Jimmie Huggins

Jimmie's golf friends (from L to R): George Eldridge, Lavern Mayo, Jimmie Huggins, and James...
Jimmie's golf friends (from L to R): George Eldridge, Lavern Mayo, Jimmie Huggins, and James Coltrain(WITN)
Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 1:07 PM EDT
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95-year-old golfer and World War II veteran Jimmie Huggins is our newest WITN Pepsi Player of the Week!

Jimmie Huggins actually turns 95 on Thursday, but regardless, the World War II veteran still manages to play golf once or twice a week with a few of his buddies. They typically play nine holes over at Bayview Golf Club in Bath.

Huggins is originally from Charlotte but moved to Belhaven in 2011, and he's been living in beautiful Beaufort County ever since.

"Golf is a game of life, period," Huggins said Monday morning.

Forget the period. Jimmie Huggins deserves an exclamation mark!

"I have lived a life of moderation," explained Huggins. "I love to have a drink but not too much. I love food, but I don't eat very much. It's like Clint Eastwood said, you need to know your limitations."

Yet, despite turning 95 in just two days, nothing seems to limit this World War II veteran from enjoying golf with his good friends, George, Lavern and James.

"I have people out here that I love dearly," Huggins added.

And those people love Jimmie right back.

"If you want to have a real good life, you must put something into it," stressed Huggins. "And [golf] is a game you can play from cradle to grave. You have ups and downs, and it depends on how you discipline yourself to handle those situations. That's the reason I love the game of golf."

Now for 66 years, Jimmie loved his wife, Lois. She sadly passed in 2012, but Jimmie still loves her.

"Well, I did two smart things in my life," said Huggins. "One is the girl that I married, and the other was I quit smoking 50 years ago. If you want to be happily married all your life, be a giver don't ever be a taker."

Huggins also loves the game of golf. And he loves those around him, including his three successful children. They all learned the value of integrity from their father.

"There's a lot of things in life you ought to remember, and one of them is the power of truth, the joy of creation, the simplicity of beauty, the wisdom of economy," said Huggins. "Those things all make up integrity. Integrity is living and being honest with yourself constantly."

For more on Huggins, check out the video above! (Feature airs Tuesday during WITN Sports at 6:20 p.m.)
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