Pitt County residents weigh in on future land development around new bypass ​

Published: Jun. 25, 2018 at 8:46 PM EDT
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Construction along the new Southwest Bypass in Pitt County is ongoing, but Monday residents and business owners from across the area were given a chance to discuss what they want to see along the 12.6-mile highway that will begin at the US 264 bypass just west of Greenville.

Running the length of Greenville, Winterville, and Ayden, the four-lane Southwest Bypass brings with it a new opportunity for growth in Pitt County, with several new options for commercial, industrial and residential development.

According to Greenville's Chief of Community Development, Thomas Weitnauer, this discussion is happening now to ensure residents are satisfied with future growth. He says, "You've been down plenty of highway corridors and it's like anything goes. It won't be just happenstance, they have some thoughtfulness of how this whole corridor will look in the future."

During the meeting, a presentation of the rough draft of the current plan was shown.

Attendees were then given a chance to walk around and mark poster boards of the plans with green and red stickers to indicate which aspects of the plan they did and did not support.

Many attendees said their biggest concern was maintaining the rural feel of the area, with Pitt County residents like Barbara Hicks commenting after the meeting, "A lot of times with growth you lose the character of the area, and we have a beautiful area there. There's a lot of room there for growth and natural entertainment."

Pitt County will now take that feedback and use it to help create a zoning and development plan that will project what the growth of the area will look like over the next 20 years.

Pitt County's Planning & Development Director James Rhodes said this input is at the top of their mind, adding, "What we're hearing a lot of feedback about is maintaining the rural character of some of these areas and not letting the suburban growth continue on out maybe in some of the same patterns that we have seen in the last 20 years."

Monday's forum was the last one scheduled for this phase of construction on the bypass.

For anyone who was unable to attend, there is still an opportunity to comment on the draft plan. Just click on the related link to leave your feedback.

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