Pitt County residents, Vidant Medical Center gear up for winter storm

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PITT COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - There are no plans to open shelters at this time in Pitt County, but many in the area were getting ready for the snow storm.

From early dismissals at the local school district to plans for staff at the hospital, many say they're prepared.

Some plan to stay indoors during this weather storm, like Cathy Farriell.

"It might be kind of exciting, I'm going to be heading home, and I'm not expected to go out again until Friday when I go to work," she says.

Staff at Vidant Medical Center plan to stay close to work.

"We're very proud of our people, we have staff who are sleeping here at the hospital overnight just to make sure they're here, should the weather be in a way they can't get to work," explains Brian Floyd, the president of Vidant Medical Center.

If you're at home trying to stay warm, Jonathan Sargeant with Greenville Utilities suggests, "the lowest setting possible, when in the heating mode the Department of Energy suggests anywhere between 65-68 degrees."

That will save you money and conserve energy during the high peak of usage.

"Heating, primarily this time of year is going to be primary, 50-60% of the customers, the residential customer's utility cost," Sargeant says.

No matter what, residents say they're are as prepared as they can be.

"We don't have a generator, so if the electricity goes, we're just going to have to snuggle, beyond that we're ready for it," says John McClain, another resident.

Pitt County Schools has announced they will be closed on Thursday to all students and staff.