Pitt County group fighting for low-level criminal offenders

Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 6:54 AM EST
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A group in the east is in Raleigh to fight for low-level criminal offenders.

The Second Chance Act, if it passes, would make it easier for some people to get housing or jobs.

The bill has not become law. It passed the House, but Portia Pittman with the Pitt County NC Second Chance Alliance is pushing for it in the Senate. There has not been movement on the bill since August.

The Second Chance Alliance is pushing for those with a criminal record, for non-violent crimes or crimes committed as juveniles, to get better access to things they need. This includes housing or jobs, and many of them have families to feet.

Pittman says she wants to help other people get the things they need, despite the criminal record. She tells WITN she has a criminal record from the past, and that sometimes it is a wrong place at the wrong time. Therefore, she feels this doesn't always define a person.

"Look at me," Pittman said. "I mean 10 years, who would have thought that I'd actually be working on the state level in the legislature, working with legislators, you know what I'm saying. So anything is possible.Just because something happens one time doesn't mean that defines the person's future."

Pittman says there are millions who have been involved in the justice system in North Carolina.

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