Pitt County Schools launch initiative to improve attendance

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) - In an effort to improve school attendance, Pitt County School officials and other community organizations are working with students and parents on a new initiative.

Starting this year with the help of READ ENC Community Literacy Coalition, K-8 schools will use the slogan "Attend today-Achieve tomorrow!"

They'll also use the hashtag #PCSStriveForFive. That means students and their families are encouraged to only have five or fewer absences each school year.

Various school and classroom events will help students reach this goal throughout the year.

Part of the mission is to make families aware of what can happen if a student is absent too much.

School officials say missing 10% or more of school, regardless of the reason, could lead to students not being up to par on reading at the appropriate grade level or even ninth graders dropping out of high school.