Pitt County NAACP President on death in Minneapolis: "I am angry, I am really angry"

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 10:26 PM EDT
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The mayor of Minneapolis is calling for murder charges in the death of a man who was in police custody.

The video that was taken has made national headlines, sparking protests about racism and inequality in the the United States.

George Floyd was killed and now four Minneapolis police officers are accused of using excessive force when arresting him.

What was heard and seen in the cell phone video taken by a bystander is causing chaos all over the country, and the Pitt County NAACP is weighing in.

"All citizens of good conscience, they need to be crying out. They need to be upset. I am angry. I am really angry," said Calvin C. Henderson, President of the Pitt County NAACP.

George Floyd was face down with an officer's knee pressing into his neck, witnesses say even after Floyd became unconscious.

Floyd was taken to the hospital here he was pronounced dead.

Henderson said, "As we fight against a COVID-19 virus pandemic, we also have to be fighting against this type of racism and hate and murder from our own police officers who are hired to protect us. We are not saying that all police officers are bad. But what we are saying is there are some bad apples, then they need to be moved out."

Some local law enforcement officials here in the east said they have a code of ethics they have to follow in every situation.

Captain David Daniels is with the New Bern Police Department and says, "Our presence there is a level of force, next is verbal control and we emphasize over and over and over again verbal control hoping we don't have to resort to the use of physical force because we don't want to do that. We ourselves get hurt when we have to do that as well."

Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone said law enforcement officers have a very tough job so it's important to stick to your training. "Communications are paramount. We have a criminal justice code of ethics, live by that. however, at times you're going to have to use force to protect the people."

"We teach them that when the resistance stops, so does the physical force so they don't have to be in a situation where they are being considered as using excessive force," said Captain Daniels.

Those law enforcement officials said their goal is to protect people.

All four officers that were involved in the death of George Floyd have been fired.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey wants charges brought against the officer see on the video with his knee in the neck of Floyd.

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