Pitt County D.A. talks about decision not to run for re-election

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Pitt County District Attorney Kimberly Robb says she will not run for re-election.

"After much thought, prayer and consultation with my family, I have decided that I will not seek re-election for the Office of District Attorney," Robb told WITN in a brief statement Thursday afternoon.

Robb says after 26-years as an officer of the court, "This decision is one I made with a lot of contemplation lot of contemplation. with my family. I've given almost half of my life to this job."

It's a job that came with tough cases.like the murder of three convenience store workers near Farmville in 2012.

The case went to trial in 2016 and resulted in one man getting life in prison and the other sentenced to death.

Robb says, "The Hustle Mart was a huge victory for us and Pitt County and it took the entire office and sheriff's office to make that happen."

But she drew criticism in another case in 2017 that happened during St. Patrick's Day celebrations in greenville.

It involved six white defendants accused of a mob-style beating of a black man that ended on ECU's campus.

The defendants said the plantiff hit a woman so they went after him.

Video of the asaault taken by surveillance cameras was sealed by Robb and never viewed during the plea deal.

Robb says, "The decision I made was to protect the defendants rights to a fair trial and that was very important to have their right protected and that's also part of what we do."

Asked if she thought the video should be released, Robb said, "That's really not my call. That's the call of the people who are in possession of it. I don't really have an opinion on that."

Robb says before she leaves office in December she hopes to prosecute one more major case which is the quadruple murder case that left three kids and their mother dead. After that, she says she'll leave her options open.

Robb was appointed district attorney in January 2013 when Clark Everrett retired. She then won election to the office the following year.

The D.A. had been an assistant district attorney since 1991 and is currently serving as president of the North Carolina District Attorneys Association.

Already Greenville attorney Walker Allen III has announced he will run in the May election.