Pitt County Animal Services begins Doggy Day Out to help shelter dogs

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - A new program at the Pitt County Animal Shelter started today that's hoping to help dogs there get out of their kennel even if it's just for a few hours.

It's called Doggy Day Out and Pitt County Animal Services is encouraging community members to sign up and take one of their pups, like Bo, out for the day.

Officials with animal services say they hope this will help reduce kennel stress on the dogs and help them get out and enjoy some field trips around Pitt County.

Coordinators for Doggy Day Out say this will also allow them to have a better insight into the dogs in their care by being able to see how they react in different situations.

They even have doggy report cards that get filled out after their field trips. Kelli Young with Pitt County Animal Services said, "The whole purpose is to get some of the shelter dogs out for just a little while, an afternoon out, just a break from the shelter environment, and we're hoping that it reaches some of those people who are already at their pet limit or can't have a dog at all but want to spend some time with the dogs so it's mutually beneficial."

Those interested in taking part in Doggy Day Out can fill out paperwork online or at animal services. Staff will then help you find the perfect pup to spend some time with.