Pitt County 4-H hosts livestock camp

PITT COUNTY, NC (WITN) Some local kids turned wranglers are learning the ropes of showing livestock at a summer camp this week.

The annual 4-H Goat and Lamb Camp in Pitt County lets kids ages 5 to 12 work with goats and lambs born this spring at the Pitt County Fairgrounds.

The kids learn about the health and habits of different species, and how to control them.

Campers learn about animal safety and develop their confidence being around animals.

Each day the kids practice walking their animals in a show ring and guiding and controlling the animals movements.

Camp counselor Marissa Suedbeck says, "They learn about the animals and they get to spend time with them and learn how to tame them and show them at a show."

The camp continues for the rest of the week.