Pets pose for photos with Santa at annual fundraiser

KINSTON, N.C. (WITN) - Pet parents are taking part in the holiday tradition of visiting Santa Claus during an annual event hosted by Cause 'n Dog Rescue.

The animal shelter in Snow Hill helped Santa sled into Kinston to pose for pictures with some furry and slithery friends.

Organizers say last year they had about 100 pets and their owners line-up to take a picture with the man in red.

This year, even a snake curled up for a photo inside Fintastic Fish and Pets.

Pictures cost $10 and the money helps with veterinary bills and other sheltering costs.

"We all love it and we get to interact with a lot of the other dogs and it's just something that our facility really needs for fundraising," Cause 'n Dog Rescue President Tyra Scroggins said.

This is the third year the shelter has been uniting Santa and the pets, and hope to continue the event next year for the holidays.