People weigh in on returning to restaurants & salons

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) - Wednesday dining room tables were clear and seats were empty, a scene we've all gotten used to. But some people say the chairs have been empty for too long.

Frank Lassit is one of those people who are ready to return to the indoor dining. "I say open it up. That's what I was saying. Open up the country."​ Lassit said he is going to be one of the first to get a table at JR's, his favorite restaurant when everything opens back up. He explained folks who are scared do have options. "Do like I do, wear a mask, wear a mask."​

Meanwhile, others said regardless they're going to stay home and avoid the crowd. Barbara Herring said she's staying in. "I am not going to be one of the first ones there, cause I don't want to be there in that crowd. ​I'm gonna stay home."​ Herring said. She's planning to give businesses time to adjust "And wait for them to get ready, everything to get used to me being there, and then I'm gonna go,"​ Herring said.

Some people like Tori Ahleman are stuck in the middle and they feel the grocery store isn't much different than the hair salon. "I'll probably be somewhere in between because I feel like going to the grocery store, and somewhere like that, ​you're surrounded by a lot of people anyways. So that's no different than like a hair salon."​

Ahleman said she will be the first in line at the nail salon when they open their doors. She said, "I really would like to go to the nail salon. I feel like that's a good place because every body's a little spread out."​