Donald Trump spoke in Greenville at rally

Published: Sep. 5, 2016 at 7:06 PM EDT
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North Carolina is considered a battleground state and presidential politics came to the east Tuesday night.

Republican nominee Donald Trump delivered about a 45 minute campaign speech to a packed Greenville Convention Center talking immigration, jobs, Obamacare and about his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

His supporters included NASCAR legend Richard Petty and former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani who fired up the crowd of more than 3,000 to hear what Donald Trump had to say.

"He'll make sure we have a Supreme Court that abides by the Constitution of the United States," Guiliani said to the crowd.

One of the moments bringing in the biggest applause of the night was when Trump said, "We will build the wall." He then asked the crowd who was going to pay for the wall and the crowd shouted back "Mexico".

Trump also promised health care changes. "I'm going to ask Congress to send me a bill to repeal and replace, finally, Obamacare. It's a disaster."

On national security, Trump says he will ask his top generals within 30 days to come up with a plan for soundly and quickly defeating ISIS.

He also continued to hammer his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, saying her email scandal is worse than Watergate.

"We can't have someone in the oval office that doesn't understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified," he told the crowd.

He also made an appeal to minority voters. "To those African Americans and Hispanics suffering in crime and poverty, I say very simply, give Donald Trump a chance."

Trump talked about fighting for North Carolina and bringing jobs back to the Tar Heel State and predicted a win here come November.


GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke Tuesday night at a rally at the Greenville Convention Center.

One of the things the nominee discussed was his plan for eradicating IS.

Trump says he would give his top generals a "simple" instruction of coming up with a plan for "soundly and quickly defeating" the Islamic State group within 30 days.

We will bring you more coverage of the rally on WITN News at 11.

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The convention center holds around 3,000 people in the main room, while a spokeswoman for the venue said they expect to open up overflow rooms. People began lining up at 9:00 a.m. and the spokeswoman says just because people have a ticket doesn't guarantee you'll get to attend.

At least two groups are protesting Trump's visit at the convention center. Progress NC Action & New Greenville are holding peaceful protests outside the event.

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Donald Trump will hold a rally in Greenville on Tuesday night, and people of both parties are getting ready.

Pitt County Republican's President, Ginny Cooper says she was over-joyed to hear that Trump would visit Greenville.

"We need someone who will do the things that need to be done and while I respect other republican leaders, there are some that just won't do that" she said.

She's been sending out emails encouraging people to come and show their support for Trump all week.

Cooper also said, "I think that's something that's necessary... for people to see that the people in Eastern NC support Donald Trump."

But not everyone in ENC supports Trump.

Juvencio Rocha-Peralta, the Executive Director for the Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, Inc. or "AMEXCAN" for short, says "We just don't believe in what he stands for with, number one, this radical thing about building a wall between the United States and Mexico."

Rocha-Peralta is a naturalized American Citizen from Mexico, and he says he disagrees with Trump's plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants that are living in America. He believes the immigrants only want to support their families and build better lives for themselves.

"They're not coming here to take anybody's job. Really, they're coming here to do jobs that nobody else wants to do," he said.

Despite differing opinions on Trump, there's one thing that both Cooper and Rocha-Peralta agree on, and that is the importance of voters in Eastern North Carolina.

"The East cannot win an election for you, but you cannot win without us," Cooper said.

Rocha-Peralta says he will not be attending the Trump rally, but WITN is aware that another local organization, "New Greenville", is planning to protest outside.

Trump's rally is being held at the Greenville Convention Center on Tuesday, doors open at 4pm.