Parents learn signs of bullying during Pitt County workshop

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 10:44 PM EST
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Most people would say that bullying is a problem in schools nationwide, but there's not always a quick fix to stop it.

That's why parents in one Eastern Carolina county attended a workshop to learn more about bullying during a workshop Tuesday night.

They heard experts and other parents talk about how to keep children from becoming victims or bullies themselves.

Parents gave input through a phone app on what they associate with bullying and those words popped up on a screen.

There were a lot of different impressions and definitions of bullying at the Tuesday night workshop.

The group, Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County, says often people don't know the difference between bullying, which is often frequent, one-sided, and intentional and teasing or conflicts which can sometimes be mutual.

Kylene Dibble of Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County said there is power in information. She said, "Part of this workshop helps them understand the power that they have and the power that their words have to both engage in bullying and also to stop it."

Parent Angela Goldie said it's been hard to watch her sons be bullied, but said they're now getting the help they need.

North Carolina has state laws that target bullying, even off school grounds in the case of cyberbullying.

Pitt County Schools has a bullying tip line on its website.

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