Macclesfield food pantry shutting down, leaders fear 'abuse'

EDGECOMBE COUNTY, N.C. (WITN) - Leaders at one free pantry here in the east says they're going to take it down.

In a Facebook post, the Little Free Pantry of Macclesfield says they've had ongoing issues with people abusing the pantry.

They claim the pantry was filled on Saturday and when someone went back, everything was gone except for green beans, baby cereal, and some cans. According to the post, someone took five boxes of mac and cheese, six packs of noodles, fruit granola bars, and much more.

They say a person in the past was confronted about the issue and has since moved to another county, but they think there is another person doing the same thing.

As for the future of the pantry, those who run it are going to decide if they want to put it up at their own home. They say they aren't sure of that just yet.

They say they tried to help the community and appreciate the support , but can't continue to ask for the help from supporters if this keeps going on.