POLICE: Upset employee rams SUV into back of Greenville KFC

Published: Jan. 21, 2020 at 11:35 AM EST
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Greenville police have caught up with a fast food restaurant employee after they say he rammed his SUV into the back of the business and took off.

There were some ten to twelve people inside the Statonsburg Road KFC this morning when it happened.

Lt. Dale Mills says the employee picked up his paycheck and it wasn't what he expected so he ran his vehicle into the back of the building. The crash cracked the rear wall and left noticeable damage near the drive-through.

No one was injured inside, but Mills says they do believe the driver was hurt, possibly with facial injuries, as they found some blood at the scene.

Mills says they found the worker about an hour after the crash. We're waiting for his name and charges to be released.

Greenville Code Enforcement is checking to make sure the building is still safe.

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