PIGS AND PICKLES: Eastern Carolina rings in 2018

As we mark the start of another new year, communities in the east rang in 2018 with their own creative takes on the classic New Year's Eve ball drop.

In Carteret County, Newport residents counted down their own Pig Drop at 6 p.m. Sunday.

Community members say they drop a pig because Newport has the largest whole hog cooking contest in the state.

People at the event say more than a hundred people warmed up with some hot cocoa and listened to live music while they counted the pig down.

Over in Wayne County, the community gathered at the Mount Olive Pickle Plant to watch the 2018 Pickle Drop at 7 p.m.

The company says over the years, thousands of people have watched this three-foot pickle make its annual drop down a 45-foot flagpole into a redwood pickle tank.

Those who braved the chilly temperatures also enjoyed live music, line dancing, and some free pickles.