Owners MIA after three attacks at Greenville dog park this week

Published: Feb. 16, 2017 at 2:46 PM EST
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A dog continues to recover from deep puncture wounds to his neck and leg, four days after being attacked at Greenville's dog park.

Elizabeth Hankins says her son, Kevin, his girlfriend, and her dog Chase were inside the dog park on Ash Street on Sunday. She said that's when another dog started to attack Chase.

Hankins says her son and several others separated the dogs, but the owner didn't come forward. Her son then attempted to remove Chase from the park and that's when the dog attacked again.

The son got Chase free and to his vehicle and then went back to find the dog's owner. Witnesses said a couple got the dog, a pit bull mix, and quickly left.

Hankins says she has hundreds of dollars of vet bills and concerned that this could happen to other pets.

Greenville police say it has happened again. There have been three reported attacks this week alone at the park.

Greenville Animal Protective Services Supervisor Tim Langley says another attack took place on Sunday by a similarly-described dog. Langley says then on Tuesday a dog described as a boxer-mix attacked another dog.

In all three cases the owner of the dogs didn't come forward so animal control has launched an investigation.

Langley reminds pet owners that they are at their own risk by coming to the off-leash dog park, but it's still a pet owner's responsibility to exchange information if their pet attacks another.

A surveillance camera at the dog park was not working at the time of the three attacks.