Onslow County includes faith community to combat opioid crisis

ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Onslow County leaders are taking additional steps to combat opioid addiction by addressing the role faith has in recovery.

County officials met with church leaders Thursday to address helping drug addicts achieve long term recovery.

The county's Dix Crisis Center opened last summer and is a 16-bed facility for immediate treatment for those who overdose. Including faith as one of the long-term recovery resources was the focus of Thursday's meeting.

Trinity United Methodist Church has collected $3,000 in donations, which will go toward the fees patients are asked to pay, when signing up for long-term recovery options, such as rehabilitation programs.

Another goal is to increase the church's visibility as a recovery resource and share that information with recovering addicts.

Anyone who would like to donate volunteer time or money can contact Trinity United Methodist Church in Jacksonville.