Onslow County Sheriff's Office gets incinerator to dispose drugs

Published: Jan. 25, 2017 at 9:47 PM EST
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When law enforcement officials confiscate drugs, how to safely dispose of them can be a complicated process, but that is now changing for the Onslow County Sheriff's Office thanks to a gift from a local organization.

What might look like a piece of chocolate candy, the Onslow County Sheriff's Office says is marijuana chocolate, and they say that's not the only type of illegal drugs they've confiscated.

"A lot of marijuana, a lot of pills, we see meth, cocaine, those are generally the top four," says Major Chris Thomas.

On Wednesday, the Onslow County Sheriff's Office says they're making sure these kinds of drugs are disposed of properly.

Proper disposal means burning the drugs at extreme heat, destroying their chemical composition.

With an incinerator, also called a pill dragon or little volcan, the sheriff's office says they are able to do just that.

"You saw the cookies and the candy, if a child were to get those, that'd be devastating and harmful," Lt. David Evans explains.

Thanks to the Coastal Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention, also known as CSAP, who donated the incinerator that's worth over $2,000, the sheriff's office no longer has to travel far distances to dispose of these harmful drugs.

CSAP director, Moneka Midgette, got to see their donation in action for the very first time. "They can take these drugs and actually incinerate them and get them off the street, that in itself is a benefit for the community."

"It's got to be an environmentally sound way to dispose of them and it's good to have that in-house capability," says Sheriff Hans Miller.

The sheriff says they also have a pill drop box inside their offices downtown where any medications can be dropped off in the box anonymously.

The sheriff's office says before any drugs are burned, the court proceedings must be completed.