BBB: Airplane ticket scam could ruin summer vacation plans

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If you're booking a flight for a vacation this summer, be careful about which website you're using.

The Better Business Bureau says scammers are creating fake websites for cheap flights.

The BBB says after you pay for your flight, you'll get a call from the company asking you to verify your personal information.

You'll also receive a confirmation code that can be verified with the airline. However, after a few days, the reservation will be canceled and the company that charged you will disappear.

The scammers charged your card and got a hold of your personal information, only to take off with your money and leave you without a flight.

The BBB is offering the following tips to avoid the travel scam:

Do your research. If you come across a company you've never dealt with before, research it before making any purchases. Read reviews and feedback from previous customers.
Don’t cave under pressure. Scammers will try to pressure you to make a payment or give up your personal details, claiming you’ll lose out on a great deal or have to pay extra fees.
Only make purchases with your credit card. A company will never require you to pay with a debit card or to wire funds. These are not standard payment methods and it makes your money harder to track and harder to get back if an issue arises.
Book directly through the airline. Rather than use a third party website, book a flight on an airline's official website to ensure the best possible protection and safety.

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