UPDATE: Fireworks employee injured in Swansboro explosion transferred to Virginia facility

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SWANSBORO, N.C. (WITN) - The man who was injured in a fireworks explosion over the Fourth of July is now recovering at a hospital in Virginia.

Officials with the town of Swansboro say that a shell malfunction caused the explosion that injured the pyrotechnician who was working for Class A Services and Storage, Inc.

The employee has been transferred from the Chapel Hill Burn Center to a facility in Norfolk, Virginia. He was first treated at Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune following the incident.

The fireworks company, OSHA, town officials, and the NC Department of Labor are all investigating the accident.

The town is not releasing the employee's name at this time.

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The mayor of Swansboro says that the company behind last nights fireworks show that saw one person injured believes a manufacturing issue is to blame for an explosion.

Swansboro Mayor John Davis says that the company that put on Wednesday's fireworks show is Class A Fireworks. The company's website says it is based out of Jacksonville and provides shows for North & South Carolina.

Davis says the company is investigating the explosion that injured one of their employees. The business has been in contact with OSHA, according to the mayor.

Davis would not provide the name of the employee. The person was taken to the Chapel Hill Burn Center following the accident. Davis could not provide any more information on the extent of their injuries but said that their injuries are non-life threatening.

The mayor says that they have worked with Class A Fireworks for the past 4 years and have no plans at this time to cancel future shows or their partnership with the company.

The NC Department of Labor says that they are investigating the accident.

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A Fourth of July celebration came to an abrupt halt after one person was injured during a fireworks show.

Swansboro Mayor John Davis says part of a nearby woods caught on fire and one man was injured after a firework exploded just after 9 p.m. Wednesday.

He says the contracting company that set off the fireworks believes it was caused by a malfunction in the firework.

One employee with the company was injured in the explosion. He was taken to Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune before being transported to Chapel Hill.

Davis says the extent of injuries and the victim's name are not being released at this time, but the victim is expected to survive.

Swansboro police, fire crews, and a volunteer rescue squad all assisted in the accident.

Davis says the town manager is now working with the contracting company to further investigate.