ONSLOW COUNTY: West Virginia man admits to 2014 murder of son-in-law

ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WITN) - A West Virginia man today admitted to killing his son-in-law more than five years ago in one Eastern Carolina county.

Early Isner pled guilty to second degree murder in Onslow County this morning. The man was given a 14 to 18-year prison sentence by Judge Charles Henry.

Arwayne Singhal's body was found buried outside of Richlands in 2017 after being missing for several years. Prosecutors say the man was first hit in the head with a hammer, then strangled.

They say Isner and his sister tricked a campground owner into helping them bury the body by telling them it was a dog wrapped in plastic.

An auotpsy showed Singhal died from asphyxiation from the plastic that he was wrapped in.