North Topsail Beach residents could face higher taxes

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WITN) - Beach towns hit hard by Hurricane Florence are still recovering, and one town is proposing a property tax increase to, in part, make them more prepared for another storm.

North Topsail Beach property owners said they're willing to pay a bit more.

According to the proposed budget. taxes would increase by 41 cents.
For a home valued at $300 thousand dollars, that results in nearly $200 dollars more paid in taxes to the town.

Homeowner Terry Kramer said, "That amount of money may help some of us recover quicker, and there's a lot of damage on the island that hasn't been touched, so I would be for it quite honestly."

Residents said they feel the town did its best to recover from the storm, however, they now know things can be done better.

"I would rather pay a few cents more right now, and be better prepared In case something happens," said resident Jerry Hide.'

Some public areas are still closed due to Hurricane Florence damage. Locals say they support the proposed tax increase if it means a stronger recovery next time.