Government shutdown means no payday for TSA employees in Onslow County

ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Thousands of TSA employees did not receive a paycheck Friday as a result of the government shutdown.

There are more than two dozen TSA employees at the Ellis Airport in Onslow County, and while they're all still at work, the airport director said they could begin to experience more effects if the shutdown does not end soon.

57-thousand TSA employees were not paid Friday as the potentially longest shutdown in U.S. history continues.

Of those thousands of employees, a small fraction of them work at the only commercial airport in Onslow County. The airport director says, the more than two dozen TSA employees at Ellis Airport have been able to continue working as normal during the shutdown, but he says every day that the government is not fully open increases tension.

Albert J. Ellis Airport Director Chris White said, "At some point, employees can't continue to work without paychecks, and what impact that has on the airport remains to be seen. We've heard of stories at other airports that are experiencing a shortage of personnel."

Federal Aviation Administration employees in the air traffic control tower are contracted, and will not experience pay issues, but controllers in the nearby Wilmington control tower will continue to work without pay along with TSA employees.