New push for NC residents to get Real ID before 2020 deadline

NEW BERN, NC (WITN0 - The deadline for the real ID is quickly approaching and Department of Transportation officials are urging people to get those IDs now.

Retired General Hugh Overholt with the state transportation board was at the DMV in New Bern on Wednesday getting his new Real Identification Card. He said, "Real ID is basically needed if you are going to be flying or traveling on an aircraft after October of 2020 or if you're walking into a military or federal facility."

The real ID is meant to enforce stricter security standards across the country. General Overholt said, "I think it is part of airport security and base security for our military and it's a small inconvenience to pay if we get more security for our population."

The Real IDs look similar to current ones except it will have a gold star in the corner. Officials say getting the new ID is fairly easy.

"You bring in four documents, either a birth certificate or a passport, your social security card and if you don't have that we can use a 1099, w2, paycheck stub as long as it has your full social on it, you need 2 things showing your address," said General Overholt.

So far more than a million North Carolinians have gotten their Real IDs and officials at the DMV say if you are thinking about getting yours, you should do it before the busy summer months.

The Real IDs are not needed until October of 2020 and you can always make an appointment so you can skip the line and the long wait."