New Havelock police chief being sworn in Monday

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HAVELOCK, NC (WITN) - A new police chief will be sworn in for the City of Havelock this afternoon.

Marvin Williams will be sworn in at 7pm during the Havelock Board of Commissioner's meeting.

Williams has 25 years experience in law enforcement and served as a District Commander for the Highway Patrol in Pitt County.

He also served in the military as a U.S. Marine and spent time at Cherry Point during his service.

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In just a few weeks, a new chief will take over a local police department, a position that's been vacant since this past November.

Chief Marvin Williams will take the helm of the Havelock Police Department on February 26th when he is officially sworn in.

While this is a new position for Williams, he is no stranger to eastern North Carolina or Havelock.

Chief Williams has spent the last 25 years in law enforcement at both the state and federal level and was a district commander with the Highway Patrol in Pitt County.

When Williams was a Marine, he spent some time at Cherry Point.

"We came back here when the opportunity opened up and just coming back into the area has brought up a lot of fond memories, the culture here, the diversity are big draws for me and I just feel very fortunate to get to come back to work where everything started for me in the state of North Carolina," Chief Williams says.

The chief says he is looking forward to getting to know the officers he will soon command along with those who live and work in the community.

"After observing it for a while, if I can add something to the program that is already working and functioning properly, then that's what my focus will be," he says.

In his free time, the chief says he enjoys being outdoors and fishing, but he says for the next few weeks you can expect to see him out and about in Havelock.

The chief says he really wants to immerse himself in the community, get to know the town's residents and businesses so he can get a feel for what needs everyone has.

Chief Williams replaces Chief David Magnusson who left Havelock back in November after three years in the position.

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A retired Highway Patrol first sergeant will soon become Havelock's new police chief.

Marvin Williams will be sworn in on February 26th.

Williams has over 25 years of experience in both state and federal law enforcement. Most recently he was district commander with the Highway Patrol in Greenville.

Williams replaces David Magnusson who left Havelock in November after three years as police chief.