New lawsuit challenges Greenville's red light cameras

Published: May. 10, 2018 at 8:26 PM EDT
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A new lawsuit has been filed in Pitt County Superior Court against a red light camera ticketing program in Greenville.

It was last month that a judge tossed out a lawsuit challenging Greenville's red light program.

The newest suit was filed on May 1st by Mary Vaitovas, which says that she was fined for running a light at the intersection of Firetower Road and Arlington Boulevard on March 10th.

Vaitovas wants the program declared in violation of the state law and the state constitution.

In the suit, she says state law requires 90-percent of fines go to public schools and that in this program's case, only 64-percent go to the school system.

The suit also says the yellow light does not provide a person a reasonable amount of time to react in some cases.

She also wants the $100 she paid for the ticket refunded.