New law means cuts at ECU

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A new state law means some jobs at ECU are being eliminated.

The law says UNC System schools cannot spend more than $1 million in state funds on fundraising-related programs starting on July 1.

ECU officials say that under this cut, they have to reduce $3.7 million down to $1 million, which is a cut of almost 73 percent.

To do this, they say 15 to 18 positions are going to be eliminated as of June 30th.

ECU officials say this is a substantial cut that's been imposed on them, but they're doing everything in their power to transfer their employees to other positions.

In the past, officials said the positions were more school based -- like business and education -- but now they've created a handful of new positions that deal with more regional coverage.

These jobs will fall under "The ECU Foundation" and "The ECU Medical and Health Sciences Foundation," which officials say have their own budgets.

Christopher Dyba is President of the ECU Foundation and says, "People who are being told that on June 30 their position goes away have an opportunity to become foundation employees, so it is not a mass layoff, it's really a reorganization."

Dyba says current employees are encouraged to apply for these jobs, which are already posted online.