New drone laws in effect in NC

Published: Dec. 1, 2017 at 8:39 PM EST
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If you have, or will be getting a drone, you need to be aware of new laws that are now in effect in NC.

The first prohibits drone use near prisons, jails and other containment facilities. The second revises existing state drone laws by changing them to clarify unmanned aircraft laws now apply to model aircraft as well."

Both bills were passed by the legislature in June and define a mandatory horizontal distance of 500 feet or a vertical distance of 250 feet from containment facilities.

The bills also loosen restrictions on the use of drones in emergency situations by permitting private and commercial operators to assist law enforcement with emergency management efforts such as search and rescue operations.

Signs will be placed around facilities where the use of drones is now banned to remind users of the boundaries at which they need to be to operate their drones.