New Bern school switches to year-round calendar

NEW BERN, NC (WITN) It may seem like summer has just begun, but one school here in the east is already getting set to welcome students back as they prepare to transition to a year-round calendar.

Thursday was the first unofficial day back for teachers at J.T. Barber Elementary in Craven County. They spent the day getting the classrooms prepared for the start of a new school year.

It was decided last school year that J.T. Barber would transition to a year-round calendar to try and improve student learning and success after the school was considered low performing.

Friday will be the first official day for teachers to return and they say they are eager to see how this new school year will help their students.

First grade teacher Jordan Brantley says, "People always say to plan over summer but you can only plan for so much when you haven't met your students so really getting that nine weeks of knowing my kids and then three weeks to plan specifically for their interests, their level, their learning styles is exciting because I feel like I'm going to reach my kids on a brand new level."

July 22nd will be the first day back for students. There are already two other schools in Craven County that have made the switch to year-round schooling.