New Bern elementary school incorporates Halloween fun into lessons

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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) - For some local kids, the spooktacular fun got started a little earlier in the day while they were at school.

What may look like good ol' Halloween fun is actually several carefully thought out lesson plans by elementary school teachers at Ben Quinn Elementary School.

In kindergarten, students talked about words that described what they were feeling when they stuck their hands inside of a pumpkin.

They also worked on the alphabet with Halloween bingo and made some cool headbands.

In first grade, students finished a lesson on force of motion by seeing how far a pumpkin would go with varying forces.

Teachers say while it is fun, these types of lessons are also very important.

"I love doing all of those fun activities and the things that the kids can really get into and opportunities where they think they are playing, but they're actually learning and building on concepts," says Elizabeth Witten, one of the first grade teachers.

Teachers at the school also say they talked about why it is that we celebrate not just Halloween, but all of the different fall activities so students can better understand our holidays.